"La Ferme aux histoires"


Novels, thrillers, espionage, classics, pockets of the first hour, regional, Comics, art books, all is  there ... With the bonus of amazing documents, old advertising and old papers.

Conservatory Children's Book: In their conservatory whose shelves decorate the tea room, you will find your Proust's madeleine. Open the right drawer to find the duck Gedeon, Babar, Heidi, Fantomette, Martine, the Famous Five, Noddy and many others.
Boutique Sarthe: They defend what is called short circuits. So their shop is like a showcase of good things that can be found within 30 kilometers (
you will find honey and jams of wild fruit, beer and organic cider, oil and vinegar...)

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72290 Ballon-St Mars

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Office de Tourisme Maine Cœur de Sarthe

36 rue du Général Leclerc

72290 Ballon-St Mars


Tél : 02 43 27 35 30  -  07 67 28 82 10



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Mercredi et vendredi

9h - 12h30 / 14h - 17h30



9h - 12h30


 Nous sommes également joignables le mardi et le jeudi par téléphone.

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